Our Story

Family pride, 40 years in the making

Remaining true to Walter Guzda’s vision and humble beginnings in a small woodshop in Poland, Flexwood is a well-kept family secret. In the 1970s, Walter Guzda carefully hand-crafted furniture in a small Polish town, creating products he proudly put his name on. He passed this tradition on to his son, Martin, who embraced and adopted his father’s craft, specializing in the industry.

Flexwood was born from the tradition and legacy of the family-run business, setting a precedent for quality and care. After settling in Canada, Walter envisioned a company with family values at its core. He wanted to produce custom-crafted products for real people with real families, putting his passion and outstanding craftmanship into high-quality products. Today, Martin and Walter combine their knowledge, education, and passion for outstanding craftsmanship at Flexwood; a Toronto-based, family-run company over 40 years in the making.

At the time of Flexwood’s inception, consumers demanded better, higher-quality products. Despite a shortage of highly-trained staff, Walter Guzda was determined to stick to his philosophy – that all Flexwood products would be crafted with only the newest, best-quality products, and care taken to the very last detail to ensure that each client receives the best-possible results.

Walter’s approach and determination to adhere to his values made him an outcast in a market dominated by mass-produced, poorly-constructed products. But, he persisted. Walter’s wisdom and humanized approach to a cut-throat industry stuck fast, and Flexwood was a success. Today, the father-son team of Walter and Martin Guzda comprise the core of a family-oriented organization.

Martin and Walter view customer satisfaction as their number-one goal, even after 40 years in the business. It’s what they do best.

Stanislaw Guzda
Flexwood Founder